Top Secret

Today was the day that we finally got to go and see some campervans.
It has been ludicrously difficult to get to this point but our perseverance has paid off and after Miss E's swimming we set off up the M40 to a secret location somewhere between Stratford-upon-Avon and Worcester.
It's actually not that secret and we got there in just over an hour!
As we neared the top secret location I started to feel irrationally nervous about meeting the Bongo Man. What if he took one look at us and decided he didn't think we were suitable customers!!
We warned the Little Misses to be good or else the strange man might get cross!!
We needn't have worried so much. He is a little intense but nice and clearly very passionate about his vans!
First we looked round the workshop and he showed us an immaculate Bongo. It turned out to be  a clever marketing technique pointing out the perils of buying a van based on looks and shininess rather than based on a knowledge of the bodywork and mechanics. I'd have bought the lovely shiny blue Bongo on the spot but it turned out to be an insurance wrote off!!
From the workshop we had to be follow him to a secret compound in the back end of nowhere where he stores all his vehicles. He drove there at about ninety miles an hour. Obviously to blur our knowledge of where we were going!!
There were Japanese MPVs as far as the eye could see. 
One of them will soon be the newest member of the K household, woohoo!!!!! 
The Little Misses were brilliant, I was so proud of them. As we were leaving the Bongo man said how lovely they were. We'd already bought the van so he had no need to butter us up!!
Giddy with our purchase we headed home. Stopping en route to let the Little Misses and Mr K eat McDonalds and Archie have a run around in a field. He'd been as good as gold too!
We transferred our deposit to the Bongo man and then , of course, were struck down by buyer's remorse!! Should we have bought the first van we saw? What if it's a giant con and we've just transferred thousands into his account never to be seen again? What if we've bought a heap of junk? 
What about the conversion? How could we have bought a shell of a van without really talking about the conversion? 
What are we going to call it?
So many questions!!

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