Bathroom Bunny

Another busy day today!
After dropping the Little Misses off I went to Mrs A's house for a cup of tea and a lovely dog walk along the canal. Monty jumped into the canal at one point which was very funny. Mrs A got soaked getting him out!!
After our walk we headed to a Christmas shopping Open House at Mrs A's in Padbury. So many lovely things!
I bought a few treasures. 
One of them was even for someone else!!
I resisted a fabulous make your own cushion kit which I was sorely tempted by even though I don't have a sewing machine!!
Learning to use a sewing machine may be a project for 2016.
After a quick cup of tea, a mince pie and a nose through Mrs A's cookbooks I hot footed it into Buckingham for my French lesson.
I surpassed myself in uselessness as far as homework was concerned and did it on my knee in the car park at the speed of sound. Ridiculous.
When I signed up for lessons I had visions of myself setting aside an hour a day to do my homework, revise and expand my knowledge.
Four minutes flat in the car park outside the lesson is not what I had in mind.
Must try harder!!!
The lesson was ace. Bingo with big numbers and learning how to talk about the immediate future.
From there I went to Tescos and home for a quick late lunch before realising I'd forgotten to pack Miss L's PE kit for after school hockey. 
Having fifteen minutes before hockey started and being a good mummy I jumped into the car and drove to school at top speed with the PE kit.
Being an annoying and ungrateful child Miss L burst into tears when she saw me and bawled that she didn't want to do hockey.
Bloody child!!

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