First View

I'm so, so, so pleased with the colour in our bedroom. This is the view that greets me when I open my eyes in the morning. 
Well it didn't greet me this morning because our new bed was being delivered today so Mr K dismantled the now old bed last night to make room for it. 
Delivery was scheduled between 7.30am and 9.30am with a call an hour prior to confirm a time. Thankfully the call didn't come through at 6.30am.
Or at all in fact!!
At 9.15am there was a knock on the door and the man announced our Homebase delivery was here. It was Habitat but whatever!
He came in with the first of three boxes and carried up the first flight of stairs but then got stuck on the way up the stairs to our room at the top.
"I'll have to get my mate to help me with this" he said.
The other man grumped up the stairs, took one look at the box and the stairs, snapped "that won't go up there", turned round and started walking back downstairs.
"Are you not even going to try?" I asked.
"No point"
"Well your colleague seemed to think it would go up, he just needed you to help"
"It won't fit"
And he flounced off down the stairs!!
The box with the long side bits made it up to the first landing and then when I came downstairs there was another big box and the first man said he was just going to get the other man to help him up with it.
He came back alone as the other man was in the van turning it round to leave.
Oh my God.
I told him just to leave it all where it was. I just wanted a cup of tea!!
He gave me the delivery note, told me to write that I was unhappy with the service - they say they'll take it to any room of your choice - and to write that it was unchecked. He made a specific point of telling me to write that it was unchecked and pointed out the number to call if there was any damage. 
Guess what Mr K discovered when he unpacked it?
The headboard is completely split and broken. Grrrrrrr!!!
So we'll have a whole new delivery to contend with. Sigh.

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