It must be half term because I'm Blipping nothing but the Little Misses!!
Mrs C came up with the boys today and I was so excited to see her - it's been ages!
Miss E and Mr L as usual picked up exactly where they left off and disappeared off upstairs to talk about Pokemon and whatever else it is they talk about! 
Miss L, Mr R and Mr C headed straight out to the trampoline.
Mrs C and I sat drinking tea and chatting. It was like she'd never been away!
Pepperoni and cheese wraps for lunch and then we headed to the park. On bikes, scooters and rollerskates!
They picked blackberries, had varying degrees of success on the monkey bars, kept their helmets on because they thought it was funny that people would think Mummy makes them wear helmets in the park and generally had fun.
Then it was the long way home, narrowly managing to avoid getting run over!
Miss E and Mr L went into the kitchen immediately and got out ingredients for their secret recipe invention. 
With a teeny bit of help from Mrs C they whipped up a batch of blackberry cookies and I must say they were remarkably tasty!!
Miss L and Mr R, not wanting to be left out, made a banana and blackberry smoothie. Mostly banana as they'd eaten most of their blackberries before they made it to the blender!!
Mr K arrived home in the midst of the cooking and Mrs C was very impressed to see our new cleaning and tidying habits in action. We loaded the dishwasher and wiped everything down while she tried out the new hoover. 
In no time at all it was as if the kids hadn't scattered flour, bicarbonate of soda, eggs, bananas, yoghurt and blackberries and cookie crumbs all over my kitchen and used every utensil in sight.
It's a brave new world we're living in!
Sadly it was soon time to say goodbye to our lovely friends.
It was fabulous to see them!

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