At the Park

Day two hundred of the holidays today!
I had an early start which was a bit of a shock to the system! I left at 6.30am to get to Bicester in time to take my dad to his radiotherapy appointment in Oxford.
It's so dark early in the morning, I had no idea!!
My dad's almost halfway through his treatment now and has started suffering a bit. Luckily after a good night he felt well today and we had a nice time together discussing cruise breakfasts (my mum's booked a cruise for them when the treatment ends to give him something to look forward to), range cookers and the merits of carousels in corner cupboards. None apparently!
It all went like clockwork this morning - there are sometimes delays which throw out all the preparation you need to do - and we were soon getting our teas and coffees in the cafe and heading home.
After more tea and chatting at home I went into town with my mum to stock up on Slimming World meals and yum-yums for Mr K. 
Then it was home for Yahtzee with the Little Misses and an hour at the park before getting started on homework. They've been off for almost two weeks and we're just getting to it now. Sigh!!
An early night beckons tonight. I'm knackered!!

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