A Special Day

Today was a very special day!
I've may have mentioned once or twice that I'm a Watford fan. As are my mum and brother.
As was my Grandpa and his father before him.
Mr D was born in the hospital overlooking the ground and my Grandpa's buried in the cemetery opposite.
Generations of us supporting Watford.
Today was Miss E's first visit to Vicarage Road. I have been so looking forward to it but also a little nervous. What if she got bored, started moaning, asked to leave......... 
What if she didn't feel it?
I needn't have worried. It was a fabulous day from beginning to end!!!
Well apart from losing obviously, but even that didn't seem to matter too much!!!!
We parked in town and walked up to the ground playing spot the Watford shirt!! She asked could we get her "something Watford" to wear!
We popped into Subways for me to get a hearty Italian BMT for lunch before heading to the chip shop on Vicarage Road to get Miss E some pre-match chips. 
My mum had dropped Mr D outside the ground before going to park so we met up with him to wait for her. It made me quite emotional to be there with him, where we used to go so often together. And to be there with my daughter!!!
Before kick off Miss E and I went to the Hornet shop to get stocked up with Watford gear! She loves her new hat but not as much as she loves Harry the bear! He watched every second of the match. All her anxiety channelled through him!!!!
I loved, loved, loved seeing Miss E in the ground, posing with Harry the Hornet, taking it all in. She was so full of questions but only needed telling once about free kicks, throw-ins, fouls, corners etc. And we were right on the 18 yard line and pretty much at pitch level so had a perfect view to explain the offside rule!!
I'd warned her about the possibility of hearing bad language but it wasn't a problem. Apart from a man sat next to my mum who got ludicrously worked up and was leaping around, going purple in the face bellowing in a very foreign language!!  Very funny!
I didn't really mind that we lost but I had wanted her to see a goal and experience that indescribable feeling! Sadly it was not to be. We lost 1-0.
We did have a few near misses and the last ten minutes were very exciting. Frantic and a bit "feisty" (players brawling and having a full on punch up!!) 
Miss E LOVED it. She said "it would have been nice to have won as the icing on the cake but at least we've had the cake!!!!" Bless her!!
Walking back into town with her, holding her hand and chatting about the game is something I'll never forget. I can't find the words to say why!!!! 
My family have been doing it for a hundred years. Hopefully Miss E will take her children one day.
McDonalds on the way home - because I didn't think the flake and chips before the game, and the hot chocolate and Twix during the game was quite unhealthy enough!
Five minutes after McDonalds she fell fast asleep. She didn't even finish her food. 
It's been a big day!!

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