By Missycat

AbstractThursday 73 Fauvism

'...a style of painting with vivid expressionistic and non-naturalistic use of colour that flourished in Paris from 1905 and, although short-lived, had an important influence on subsequent artists, especially the German expressionists. Matisse was regarded as the movement's leading figure'
 From the french fauvisme, from fauve ‘wild beast’...'

Yesterday began quite well - weight lost at Slimming World - and a late afternoon visit to my hairdresser - always relaxing- but then things went downhill.
I collected Violet from nursery at teatime and met up with Mr MC to take her to a garden centre in Ware for a special Christmas Evening, with the chance to 'meet the reindeer'...
The journey should take about 25 minutes and we made good time until we were within a mile.  Then we found ourselves in a total jam, moving at snailpace. Police cars shot by from time to time and confusingly, several fire engines.  After an hour and a half crawling along we reached Van Hage's, only to be told that on police advice, no one further could be allowed in as the place was 'gridlocked'.  Fantastic. No choice but to turn round and come home via Tesco, as of course we had had nothing to eat.
Fortunately at 2, Violet is too young to have anticipated and be too disappointed and did seem to enjoy the trip round Tesco's!  We grown ups were less happy.
It seems appropriate then that my photo today is a self portrait in an approximation of  the Fauvist style - I did feel like a wild beast by 10 pm last night!

Many thanks to Ingeborg for taking on the hosting of the challenge and choosing such an interesting theme.

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