By JanBee

Love, Peace, Fairy, Twinkle

Greetings from Brighton,
Love, Peace, Fairy and Twinkle.
What else would you need?

Lovely day today.  Went to meet Karen, Chrissy and Sarah in Brighton for lunch.  So lovely to see everyone and have a catch up over a glass or two ....or possibly three(!).

Afterwards, Karen, Chrissy and I headed down to the pier for the sunset and the starlings.  On the way down we saw these lights in the main street, but it wasn't dark enough.  When I went to get the bus back home I had a bit of time to kill so I wandered round to get this.

The lights read Love, Peace, Fairy, Twinkle....  a little enigmatic.  Possibly and exam question "Is life just Love Peace Fairy Twinkle ... discuss".  Not sure who had the inspiration for these but they may have got a little carried away .... next time I will wander to the other end of the street to see if they carry on ... ... to be continued ...

My starling pictures were a bit rubbish, but quite liked a couple I got of a beach cafe ... in extras.

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