Quick Shot

The yellow admiral waited while I fetched my camera and then gave me a single shot. It is the only photo I took today.

Today I prepared for planting my tomatoes. It was a big job. This season I’m using 12-litre buckets because of the mass of tree roots that have invaded the greenhouse. Nothing can be done about them because they are also holding the garden from slipping down a steep bank. The gap between the greenhouse and the bank has been eroded more than a metre since I’ve been here.

I prepared 18 buckets with special layers of organic stuff along with the bagged compost. My son helped me with the heavy lifting and some of the backbreaking tasks, which was wonderful of him seeing he hates gardening and doesn’t eat tomatoes. The buckets are all lined up in the greenhouse ready for planting. I also potted several plants and did other gardening chores. Now I feel wrecked.

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