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By tsuken

Wearing Thin

I was extraordinarily pleased this morning, by two lorikeets that actually came and ate from my hand!! They got shooed away after not very long - I think by their more-wary mother. ;)

Then we headed on in to the city. Among other stops we went to Allans Billy Hyde (a music shop). I had had my eye on a cheap acoustic guitar to replace my old one - given to me when I was eleven, but rather suffering since the arrival of my children; their toddler years resulted in numerous attempted, and only partially-successful, repairs. I was looking to drop a couple of hundred dollars on the new Epiphone model, which sounded good in reviews. I went in, they had only two nylon-string acoustics. One Epiphone (but the "Classic" rather than the "Spanish classic", so it had a too-narrow nut, but that wasn't the main thing...), and one other. The guy said "just try it. We've got 30% off today"; handed it to me, and walked off.


Ooooooooooooh baby. Butter. Butter cream. Golden syrup. Tiramisu. Other nice sweet and lovely things. This was sooooo nice to play - made me play better than I actually can ;) and it sounded wondrous. 

... $2,000


Guy came back. "I can do it for 13 [hundred]"

"I really don't think I can"

"Let me see what I can do" - walked off and left me to play some more.


"I can give you 50%"


Problem was, that was still many hundreds more than I was ready to drop. - It just meant the Epiphone paled into nothingness, and I'll have to jump up at least a bit in price range when I go again to buy one. Ah well. It was a gorgeous few minutes. ;)

Today's photo is the fretboard of my old guitar:

Frettr; Flickr.

And an extra is the side.

Takumar Bayonet 28/2.8; extension tube; K-30; Raw Therapee.

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