By ciorstain


After yesterday's stress, well, actually the whole week was crazy, I took things slowly today. And it was possible, as the big and critical tasks were done! I also felt a bit tired in the morning.
At noon I went to Queen Margaret Drive to get some fish for dinner. As I did not feel like going back home immediately, I decided to see Helaine at her shop to find out how she is getting on with her move. She is some woman! 3 weeks ago she decided that she needs to move out of her house. It was making trouble all year and she had enough. So she went "shopping" for a new one and is moving now! She never stops! 
She was not in but I caught up with Vicky and made some appointments for my nails and lashes. As she was free I got my brows done quickly, as they looked awful. I left the shop 15 min later looking like a racoon .... :).
Then I passed by the Knitting Cafe and dropped it to get some wool. I felt like starting an easy knitting project over the weekend. Inspired by some fellow blipper :).
Next stop was the optician. I need my eyes tested and also fancy a new set of glasses. Since I need reading glasses since a few years, I at least want to have some fun with it and get actually every November a set of new glasses. There is some crazy stuff out there and I like to be a bit eccentric now and then :). The eyetest we put in for tomorrow. I tried a few glasses and - as usual - the most expensive one's are the coolest!! Let's see what i will decide tomorrow.
I was back at my desk at 2 pm and continued with my work.
I felt much more relaxed and in a good mood.
Neil was working long. He is flying to a conference in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow and had to finish stuff. 
I went to the shops at 8 pm and had a longish walk in the cold. I really enjoyed the cold. As long as you have a warm coat, the cold can be quite nice.
I was back at 9 and Neil was still not there.
I prepared the dinner and started cooking when he was close.
I think i have not done that since ages. usually poor Neil has to prepare food while I am still working.
We even managed an hour on the couch before we went to bed.
It was a good day!

I liked the tomato display at our grocery shop and as the rest of the world was grey this is my blip today :)

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