Thankful village

George and I were chatting about Thankful villages the other day and as there is one in Kent I decided to pop over and have a look. It's in east Kent so I waited for a day when I was over there for a tutorial so after a bit of numeracy and programming I set the satnav and off I went.

Knowlton isn't really a village at all. If you follow that link the author will describe it more fully but it's really a very impressive manor house; Knowlton Hall, surrounded by a handful of worker's cottages. It also has a monument to celebrate it being "the bravest village" in a national newspaper. This was based on twelve men enlisting from a population of thirty-nine. This figure was disputed by other villages because eight of the men worked at Knowlton Hall but didn't live in the village - they were from other villages in the area. The monument is set in a little fenced off area on a main(ish) road but it isn't very easy to photograph or photogenic. Instead you've got Chillenden windmill which is visible from the monument although I took this from much closer. This mill has an interesting history too - check out the link for details.

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