Yay, at last!

For six years I've been blipping.
For six years I've been hoping to photograph a murmuration.
What better day to achieve my ambition than on my blipday?!

Took lots of shots. This one was in the early stages of the starlings' gathering, so quite a small group, but I liked the shape that looks to me like one large bird. It's also a bit sharper than the Extra one (perhaps because there was marginally more light), but the Extra's squished-cigar-shaped group is larger. As I watched, small groups kept arriving to swell the throng.

I took my other Extra earlier in the day, in case I didn't achieve the picture I was after. Thought I'd include it anyway as it was fun to do for this reason: I found a nice smooth area of sand and began laying out my stones, at which point a small, enthusiastic terrier decided to join me, trampling all over my stones and licking my hands excitedly. So after that bit of fun, I found a fresh piece of smooth sand and tried again! :-)

Feel very lucky to be able to share this photo, when Blip's future might so well have had a very different and permanent ending. So glad we're all still here and enjoying this fab site. Thanks to all of you who visit my journal, and who welcome me into theirs, too, and special thanks to the Blip team who have kept us  going. Long may Blipland continue!

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