Pictorial blethers

By blethers

High Kirk, bare tree

Hmm. As I wrote that heading, I realised I was thinking theologically - and remembering the days when I had set R.S.Thomas' poem "Evans" as a Critical Analysis paper for a Higher English prelim. We used it as an exemplar for years after that, and every time I had to introduce the idea that "the one tree" could have more than one meaning in the context. Here, it had me thinking of the propensity in C of S churches to have the empty cross on the communion table as opposed to the crucifix of more Catholic establishments ...

But it was a beautiful, perishing cold morning, doubly enjoyable because we knew that for once London had the pouring rain and gales that we usually enjoy. And I didn't start thinking theological (or poetic) thoughts until I saw the photo. Just shows you ...

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