Colours of Autumn

on a dark day, by the Lambourn River (part of my River Series) :)

Stormy weather to start with, see extra (from my doorstep).
Agency visit first thing today, walking there in really heavy rain.  By the time I came out the sun was shining, and I popped to Aldi for some fruit and veg, then came home via the River :)

Very sad to see that paint has been poured in large quantities right up by the bridge and also a supermarket trolley in the water (poor ducks and moorhens).  Both reported (and thankfully as I had my camera I was able to take pictures too)

Home to more job applications and just waiting to see what happens with all my applications.   Its getting boring now, but at least I'm in a better state than a lot of other people...grateful for a roof over my head :)

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