By TonyG

Here and There

..... Like so many things in life.  Just a small difference between the words leads to outcomes that may be light years apart.

Here at home we continue to weave the complicated threads of life into a picture that at present we cannot fathom out.

For a couple of hours this morning I was away to Swaffham where the Norfolk WI were holding an audition day for speakers.  There I was on good form and will be in their next list.   

Later I took Amy to see Chloe who she met in hospital.  Chloe is still in and will be for a while it seems.  Ruth and I raided the supermarket tonight and came away with mostly healthy stuff.  Amy's birthday tomorrow ..... will she or will she not let all of us join in the fun.  Right now none of us are looking forward to it much :-(

Edit: 15 mins later and Ruth has been working magic ..... fingers xed for the morning.

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