Picture this..

By northernlass261

Multi Coloured Dam

Despite a beautiful sunrise, it has rained all morning, not heavily but enough to make it miserable.

We had to go out to Roquetas to return shirts bought last week to change size (larger!).   From underground garage to underground garage and back, so no brolly required!

After lunch it stopped and the sun came out briefly so I went on the prowl for a Blip.   I had intended to get leaves with raindrops on.   I did take quite a lot of photos but liked this one as it brightened up the rain soaked road.   You can see the water draining away round the corner. The plant growing out of the crevice and residual sand and leaves have made a dam.   

Sunny Spain!!

The plant in question will grow into quite a large shrub if left unchecked.   I think that may be a job for me next week to pull it up whilst it is still small enough.

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