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By arkensielphoto


At 0720 hours this morning Josephine started, but then stalled, it was about minus seven degrees Celsius.  As I had an appointment at Cambridge Clear Beauty clinic this morning I had to drive his hated, unnamed car. The frost was particularly heavy and I was wary of the ice on the roads, but arrived just in time for my appointment. Some of you may remember that a while ago I had a Ganglion on my wrist aspirated, this is less invasive then cutting it out especially as mine is near an artery on my wrist. It had apparently ‘fought back’ and produced a structure similar to a bunch of grapes; it has again been aspirated. They will do this three times, before actually doing more invasive surgery. Unfortunately Ganglions are no longer treated by the NHS, even though it was pressing on the nerve to my thumb, making the thumb numb.
Once home I tried to start my car again, but although she fired she did not start, Eventually it started and I took it back to the garage, they still think that air is getting into the diesel causing the problem and will look at her over in the next two days. It might be the small ‘pump’ under the bonnet, which you can squeeze to bring the fuel up the pipes, which might have perished even though there does not appear to be a hole, unfortunately, as she is quite old, this piece of equipment is no longer made! However, it seems it is possible to get a universal one and make it fit. So for the next two days I will still have to drive the unnamed car.

Today’s picture is of some frost on the grass and was taken at 1420 hours. Our garden is in a frost hollow and in many places the frost has not thawed; it will still be there in the morning.

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