This morning was spent making a start on housework......which reminds me the hoover is still plugged in unused upstairs - you can tell how far I got!

Then there was mundane financial stuff to do......yawn.

Followed by transferring all my post-it lists in to the new notebook given me by friend Christine.........

Finally I wrote all the 2017 dates on to the freebie calendar which came with the squirrel feeder........

So an 'exciting' morning spurred me on to do a circuit of St Ives Estate before the sun dipped below the horizon (it is meteorologically the start of winter tomorrow so the sun begins its descent early afternoon.)

Lots of branches have come down in the Estate and the lumberjacks (can't write that without bursting in to 'I'm a lumberjack.....') were busy taking down those branches still hanging from trees and chopping up the ones which had fallen.  A stiff breeze had got up so I had half a wary eye on other creaking boughs!  My blip is taken en route to the golf course and is one of my favourite paths because it is like a tunnel of trees.  John Gravett would spot the man with the white dog at the far end of the tunnel! 

Thanks to yearofhappy's Phil for showing me this video filmed locally - some of it in the St Ives Estate.  Can you also spot Shipley Glen and Harden Moor?

The last episode of 'Missing' tonight, everything crossed for a happy ending but I'm doubting it somehow.

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