Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

From a moving car...

Well, I didn't get to bed until 2am last night - trying to sort out my laptop which is totally playing up. SO FRUSTRATING.

Our friend Marja is in town and we had already arranged to go up to the Bible Society Book shop in Jebel Ali to get Christmas presents, so I thought, while we are up there, it would be a good time to go that extra bit further and put the new plants we bought on my Dad's grave. This picture was taken as G drove at high speed, and I was in the passenger seat. It shows the building we were in yesterday - enjoying great views from the 52nd floor. Today is a MUCH clearer day, so I wish I could have been there today!

Had a good browse around the shop and off-loaded quite a bit of cash!! Its' always like that - they have such COOL things. Then back to town for a very quick lunch before dropping Marja back to join a conference call, and we came home. I really needed to catch up on some sleep!

And then, another evening vanished trying to sort out this laptop. I figured upgrading to Windows 10 may help, but I couldn't locate the setup file I downloaded when they were offering the free upgrade, so I got in touch with them via webchat hoping I could get away with paying less than the asking 269euros or US$165 (ouch). Incredibly, the rep sent me a link to get a free download! So I did that... it took ages - as you would expect and then when it was all "finished", it wasn't working! I couldn't log in with my profile, so couldn't find any of my "stuff" (read Blip folder). Pictures wouldn't open etc etc etc.

Think I did a web search for the laptop I've had my eye on for a couple of years to figure out how to manage the purchase of it... (I want the top of the range model and it is not cheap). ;(

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