Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

The Observatory

... Giving us these views from the 52nd floor... gosh. Definitely need to go back here on a clearer day.

So, today, I have pretty much gone non-stop from waking up and riding with G to work so I could have a car...

I got her car washed.
Popped into Wafi to the card shop
Was heading home when Volvo called to say my car was ready and please come now as they had put on a celebration for UAE National Day which they wanted customers to be part of, so I parked Gs car up and jumped in a taxi
Came back home for just long enough to get what I needed together to head out back to G to pick her up... this time in the Volvo! Yay!
Met up with Jessica for lunch... venue chosen because it is up at her end of town, and not far from where G teaches

We got back home much later than expected, in fact it was dark! And I had hoped to have our first trip of the season to Global Village but it can wait. Right now, I am having major problems with my laptop and need to find someone who can help fix it.

The extra is the view from the opposite side to where we were seated.

Edit: 1/12/16  As a number of my regular followers have recommended it, I have swapped the pictures round! Thank you very much for stars and hearts. My computer problems continue and I haven't been able to post for today. :(

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