Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

National Day

... or A Tale of Two Workplaces!

The country I've lived in all my life marks its 45th National Day on Friday. There's always a celebration that goes on, but this year it's extra special because of 45...

SO, G went off to work with my [small] camera and I went off with hers. She's come home with some really great shots, so I made a collage and am sharing them here.

Meanwhile at the Dubai World Trade Centre lobby, they had a cultural display and chairs laid out when I entered the building, so I grabbed a quick shot. All gone though as I was leaving, but I wanted to record the two holidays at the end of this week... Commemoration Day (previously called Martyr's Day) and National Day. I thought the buildings in the background on the other side of the road flying the flag show off the progress of this very young country nicely. :)

Nice to see the barasti (palm leaves) enclosure they recreated.

Also nice to have a quiet catch-up evening (though I have yet to catch-up!).

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