Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Wild Wednesday: Dancing, Falcons, LV and a Mosque

I am nailing a few challenges with one blip today. Wild Wednesday (see the first Extra), and thanks to SweetArt's blip, the Architecture cultural challenge. I er, completely forgot about it, so offer this as typical Arabian/Islamic architecture. I shall make an attempt to capture a windtower house tomorrow and change the tag, but just in case I don't get close to one, this is it.

We had a couple of things to do in Dubai Mall, namely drop off a watch for a new battery and return a pen that doesn't work. We arrived to find this group of male dancers, so ran over so I could get some cultural shots. Please note the coffee pot in the foreground. We were given free Arabic coffee and dates, and then, for the first time ever, I got to hold a peregrine falcon! G did too, but I've posted a picture of her doing some painting in the Louis Vitton Time Capsule exhibition that we walked past on our way to Costa.

So glad we walked through it as seeing the time it takes to make one of his masterpieces from trunks of old to the current handbags we now see - it is quite amazing. Everything is hand-crafted and on some items, there are over 300 steps to do before you get the finished product!

We left the Mall and drove up to Al Barsha, first for G to meet up with a friend and collect some medicines; then to drop off some documents at Network International, the "agent" that PayPal use for UAE merchants to access money collected through their portal. What a pullaver. You think that someone giving directions might say their building is located opposite the mosque? (Third extra) No, he said he was behind a hotel. He wasn't at all. He was diagonally opposite the hotel on a major junction! Honestly. People say they speak English...

That meeting over, we wended our way home avoiding major traffic jams and had enough time to have dinner and a little practice for the Salvation Army meeting tonight! We were a very tiny but enthusiastic group. Long weekend here starting tomorrow.

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