Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Long weekend

Back-blipping/catching up (2/12/18).

I could have done three blips yesterday, but I am so far behind with commenting, that I decided to dedicate the time I had to that, so I have now caught up with a number of you and I feel heaps better! :)

We have a long weekend on account of National Day (on 2nd December) and Martyr's Day, also known as Commemoration Day.  It was the perfect time to visit our friend Hilde in Muscat, so after an IKEA shop for her and generally getting ready to leave for a few days, we finally set out just before 3:30pm. It was a bit too late to leave for a long weekend; the traffic heading to the Northern Emirates had already started to build up. This meant that we had to take the longer route but at least it wasn't at a crawl.

We got to Hatta (UAE border town) just before sunset and this sign up on the mountain really tickled me. It wasn't there in April. You've got to love a good sense of humour. And I must give G credit for this shot - taken from a fast moving car!

The border was busy as expected, but we got through in forty minutes. The next thing was driving on the newly opened Muscat Expressway. It was dark when we got on it so we couldn't see what we were speeding past; just the old coast road in the distance and a few settlements here and there. Think it took us 6 hours door to door.

Hilde has waited for us to eat, so we headed out to a restaurant straight away. We chose Lebanese and ended up in an extremely popular place that is frequented by both locals and foreigners. There was a real buzz and the food was excellent and much cheaper than Dubai!

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