Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Dubai Mall

G didn't go into work today because her kids were on field trips, so following on from the lack of success with the telephone banking centre, we decided to visit a branch. I do like banks being in Malls. You get free parking and they keep mall times. Unfortunately, it was going to be another two hours until the person we needed to talk to started work, so we had a good look around M&S and Galeries Lafayette, and then had a quick bite to eat at Caffe Nero.

We went back to the bank and the person was there and saw us right away. Unfortunately, we didn't have a successful outcome to our query, but we did get a detailed insight into the running of some departments!

Home for a cup of tea and to practice the song we are playing at the SA service tonight. It all went well. Because we can only have a fortnightly meeting, two Advent candles were lit! The challenges of not having your own premises... :(

There is a young man in the congregation who really likes my Volvo, so today, I gave him a ride in it! He said he loved the sound of the engine. I can't believe a twenty-something likes my car!

My blip is of the atrium in the Dubai Mall where we spent most of the two hours waiting. Christmas things have arrived in the shops and some of the visual merchandising is just stunning!

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