Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Back blip #4

Another madly busy day,  beginning with a signing of documents handover meeting at 10am. Then being taken to the local electricity board to open an account. Fortunately it was within walking distance. Then to the apartment, where workmen were doing some of the things mentioned on the snagging list, then to the local municipal office (VERY quaint) to set up a water account (they do utilities separately in Cyprus).

It almost seems a blur after that. Oh... back into town to buy white goods! All done in 40 minutes and within budget! It was really quite effortless thanks to a supplier who came highly recommended. And best of all - he wants to deliver tomorrow. PERFECT. We then raced to the old town (St Lazarus' Church) to get some keys cut. Over here, they only give one key to the main door!

Forgot to mention; one of the seven items of baggage got left behind in Dubai. Fortunately, it was only a rug which wasn't needed immediately. I was asked to come to collect between 3-4 which I did, only to find the office was closed, and no answer from the number used to phone me. Oh well, time was of the essence, so I left the airport building.

We had to race back to the office where we started the day, to hand back a key so that an electrician could go in first thing in the morning to install the light fittings we want. And then, we finally had a free evening to do as we pleased, so we went to the local branch of a store which G discovered in Paphos called Jumbo.

Not sure how to describe it, but it was very large and had just about everything you could imagine! It was fun browsing and we even bought some of the Christmas stuff they have on display. It's nice to see how Cyprus make such a big thing of Christmas.

Went back to Saturday's pub (in Kiti) for dinner - and the meal was even nicer than what we had before! Brilliant. A very long, but productive day. Got home shattered so no energy or even thought of blipping! There was hardly a chance to take pictures despite driving past some really great scenery. I did manage to get one decent photo of G though...

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