Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

Today I had three students, totally...two the first lesson and after the break I got a new one and one had to go to a meeting. My new student is Kurdish and those of you who knows me a bit now, knows that I speak a little Kurdish. I got the opportunity to practice some words and she gave me a wonderful compliment and told me my pronunciation is perfect. Wow! :) The second half of the lesson we worked in a practice book and I wrote everything on the board. We talked about sayings like 'strong as a bear', 'brave as a lion', 'clever as an owl' and so on. Some of them were a bit difficult to explain but with Swedish, Kurdish, English and Dari, we managed to make it anyway. Dari and Kurdish have words in common and my new student knows a little English. I don't know any Dari at all and my other student doesn't know any English so I did some translating in every direction. It was fun! And, we had fun! 
After work I went into town and picked up a big tea mug I've ordered, photographed the cute tree that are lit during evenings and talked to an activist that were part of a demonstration agans one of Swedens larger bank, Nordea, and its involvement with money for the pipeline crossing ancient Indian territory in the US. I already know of this and have signed the petition against it. When I got home I changed battery in my smoke detector and it started to smoke instead, so I hastily removed the battery... At least I tried! Now I think I have to buy a new smoke detector instead... 

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