If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Sarracenia Flower

Another quiet day round home so no startling blip opportunities.  However I decided early in the day that I would do a flower shot, and I knew just the flower.  Earlier in the year we decided to have a go at growing carnivorous plants and so acquired a couple of Venus Fly Traps and this Sarracenia.

When we bought it it was a tiny little thing with no pitchers more than a couple of inches long.  Now they are about a foot (30cm) with this flower another couple of inches or so above that.

Sarracenia are native to Eastern USA and have 8 or 10 natural species.  This wasn't labeled when bought and I suspect a hybrid as the flower doesn't match that of the wild varieties.  The key to growing Sarracenia is water, lots of it.  As one source says a dry Sarracenia is a dead Sarracenia.  The water however must be either purified (distilled or deionised) or rain water, anything else will kill them.

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