By earthdreamer

Flat White

The Flat White seems to have become our most popular form of coffee, amongst my circle anyway. I first got introduced to it many years ago when my good friend Dave visited from New Zealand. The Kiwis actually claim to have invented it, but the Aussies would have a thing to say about that. Even though it wasn't listed on the board, he asked for one, and the barista knew precisely what he meant. I joined him and have never looked back since. 

Slowly, over the years, the Flat White has become increasingly well known, although the quality varies a great deal. Not everyone has yet learned how to make it. You know when it's been done properly. There is a certain combination of taste and texture that just hits the spot quite perfectly.

I once rather liked the fact that you used to have to ask for it specially, seeking out a well travelled barista who understood. It feels a bit common now - although when I drink a good one I'm reminded that there's nothing wrong with popular. 

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