Chain Reaction

The day had started well, unusually well. I wasn't thinking much about photography, just enjoying the fact that it wasn't perishing cold, nor raining. There was a lot more cloud behind the camera than this shot might suggest and the sun made its first appearance just as I reached this familiar spot. I love it when that kind of thing happens. There's a feeling of being on the right side of the universe ... except it was just teasing me on this occasion. Not long after passing here I had a problem, and made a bad decision, the result of which was another, more serious problem, which after a lot of faffing around I thought I'd managed to fix. However, following the making of another bad decision, I soon found out that I hadn't. My 'fix' precipitated a disaster. I was definitely on the wrong side of the universe. 

It's not a coincidence. One voice is telling you one thing. Another voice is telling you another. Once you fall out of the flow of things it's so easy to conspire against yourself and listen to the wrong voice. It's nothing in the grand scheme of things. Just a few bruises and a lot of annoyance and frustration, but the timing was bad.

Finally, getting back home by taxi proved more difficult than I might have expected ...

"I'm very sorry sir, but I can't help you without a postcode."
"I can tell your driver exactly where I am. I can give you precise directions. But I'm in the middle of a forest and I doubt there is a postal address. Trees don't get a lot of correspondence."
"I'm really sorry sir, but the computer is asking me for a postcode. I can't do anything without that."
"I can give you the name of the nearest village."
"No, I'm really sorry sir, but I'm afraid I do have to enter your postcode."

I did get home in the end.

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