Selfie with your Bestie

I spotted her walking through the train. I loved the hat and couldn't resist asking for a shot. I was taken aback when she told me that I'd already taken a photo of her. My memory is shocking for almost everything these days, but I do tend to remember my faces, especially the more attractive ones. She told me she'd been running on the moor at the time and then it clicked. I think I can perhaps be excused this one. It's always weird when I meet my cycling friends out of context. It's hard to recognise people glammed up when you've never before seen them without a helmet and lycra!

Her friend got on at the next stop and wanted in on the action too. It's just what people do these days, so I joined in the fun as well. 

So, you more trendy folks out there, what name do you give a selfie with your best mate? I want to give this its proper title.

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