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By steeble

Up Close and Personal...

Sooooooooooooo on Friday I finally got the Certificate of Entitlement for the reg plate on my car. It hasn't really taken that long but it feels like ages.

My mission for today was totally car related.

This morning I had to go to the DVLA office with all required paperwork and get it transferred over. Then off to Halfords to get the plates printed up. The back one is fine but they didn't have the front plates with a black pre-printed border so had to get a plain one. Then home to phone the insurance and get that all sorted. Then I washed, waxed, t-cut and polished the car. Then took this pic so couldshow off share it with you all.

Had a good day and proper chuffed with my new reg plate. Kind of makes the car look like its on Forza.

Here's my last car entry which was for Car of the Month of FrenchUK. The competition entries are still being put forward at the minute and won't know how I've done until the end of the month.

Hope you like...

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