Paper tree

Today we went for another stroll round Paris. The pollution was so bad than half of cars were banned and public transport was free. The result was a noticeable reduction in traffic, and hence pollution of all kinds and strangely enough neither the buses or tube was full.

Today's blip is from the inside of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. We had a look at the windows, Printemps Haussmann next door was rubbish, but Galeries was okay as is the giant paper tree they had on the inside. It's not quite as colourful at the carrot from two years ago, but is clearly a tree this time. We then went down to Le Bon Marché, which had the best windows of the three, and as ever a fantastic food hall.

We popped into the Town Hall to see the Lego exhibition, which was interesting and free, bought some tinned fish from the Conserverie la belle-iloise shop, then went back to the flat. In the afternoon we took the train to Soissons for the next few days of our break,

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