Peggy Squares.....

....or rectangles etc.  A very impressive display of patterns, colours and workmanship.  I have found out this is called Yarn Bombing.

I noticed this tree the other day when driving to the beach for our walk and reckoned on returning for a blip.  Today, being wide angle Wednesday I thought it would work......wide angles don't have to be landscapes or big skies.  This is at my widest 10mm.

Not sure of the reasoning - 
1.  She (presuming a she) has too much time on her hands
2.  She has great quantities of wool at her disposal
3.  She loves crocheting
4.  She is doctoring it up as I notice that half the tree is looking a bit dead
5.  She loves trees, and as our spring has been very chilly she wants to keep this one warm

I could go on, but won't.....anyhoo, its made a colourful and somewhat different blip!!

This morning oldTimer & I made/painted/decorated  a metre by metre mask for display at our masquerade themed end of year awards dinner on Friday night.


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