By D77

End of term

Today saw the end of the first semester and all day was spent marking and double marking the 1,200 exam papers which considering the general idiocy level of my colleagues, went pretty smoothly.

As well as marking, I had to input every mark into a 'model' (a Standard Life term for spreadsheet) - a very time consuming process, hindered in no small part by the old lady faction deciding a one and a half hour lunch was required. With the resultant drop in marking efficiency of the long lunch coupled with the inexplicably unprofessional laziness of some of the other teachers, and upon realising that I would be working all weekend to finish the stats required for the managers, I decided to delegate much of the stuff I had to do so that everyone could get away early having all pulled their weight equally. They didn't like me delegating to them of course, as it meant they had to actually do some work which they thought they could escape from doing seeing as the managers weren't around.

One comment made recently about me by this horrible group of women (behind my back, obviously) suggested I'm not a proper teacher because all I do in the classroom is play games with the students.

It was therefore with great delight that with the results in, the top performing student of semester one (with an incredible result of 91%) was Ali, pictured here enjoying a game of Blockbusters in his main English class.


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