By D77

Night Blipping

I remember commenting to a friend and fellow Blipper over the summer that that resuming my Blip career would be really difficult as there 'just isn't anything to photograph in my normal daily living'.

I took the opportunity this evening to investigate my neighbourhood which has only become possible recently as the temperatures have dropped to a rather chilly 20 degrees (bet you've never heard a Scotsman use 'chilly' and '20 degrees' in the same sentence!).

Armed with my tripod and camera I drove around for a while looking for potential blips for the next couple of days. I got lots of strange looks from Omanis who all slowed right down to stare at what on earth I was up to. I suppose a western walking about with a tripod and camera seemingly pointing at nothing in particular could be seen as a little odd. They obviously weren't seeing what I was seeing!

Anyway, I found a few nice little potential images and so will be back to capture them for their respective days. Tonight, it was the turn of the mosque you see so much of in my journal.

No sunset this time though ;)

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