By D77

Subtle Lighting

Muscat consists of two main colours: white and beige.

Houses and white, cars are white, lights are white, dishashas are white, shops are white. The ground is beige (you seldom find a pavement in Muscat, just dirt and sand where a pavement should be).

I often get a little jealous of the wealth of the subtlety of lighting available to my fellow Blippers back in Edinburgh. If I went back now, I could spend a whole week just shooting photos of different things many inhabitants of that beautiful city are completely unaware of. (I suppose you only really appreciate something when it's gone).

When I went back in the summer, I would walk around for hours (95% of the time in the pissing rain!) just soaking up the different styles of buildings, the lights, the parks...I could go on and on. A city like Edinburgh is a Blipper's paradise!

With all this in mind, I've been wandering around my neighbourhood the last couple days looking for some interesting lighting.

It was a challenge, but I found this in the end, which is the closest I think I'm ever going to get to subtle!

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