A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mellow Yellow

I have had a long running battle with my local council about the yellow lines (parking restrictions) outside my house. For 19 years I have needed to move my car from one side of the road to the other (if I couldn't get it on my drive) just to avoid parking tickets during the staggered 1 hour restrictions.

After getting a ticket on New Years Eve in 2011 I requested the line outside my house to be removed. A couple of years of consultation, meetings in high chambers and no doubt field trips the council agreed. It took another 2 years to get it implemented.

Saying it was implemented wasn't quite true. First the agreed date came and went for its removal. It wasn't removed. Sometime later a 'T' bar was placed across the yellow line to show the end of the restricted area but the old line still remained. This confused the traffic wardens and I was given tickets, all were later squashed.

Anyway this morning the lines were removed. It does mean if I'm not parked there it will be a free for all with the ever increasing numbers of cars wanting to park in the road. I just hope they don't mind being blocked when I park behind them... 

Edit: Went out to lunch at a woodland park cafe and this cheeky chap in Extras started begging to join me..! 

Both images were taken with my Samsung S7 phone.

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