Ghirardelli Ultimate Fudge Iced Brownie Bites

It is the time of year for that most wonderful tradition: the office holiday potluck! I always look forward to sampling all of the dishes made by my fellow co-workers.

In fact, I remember asking someone during a job interview, "And so what dish do you best think you can contribute to an office potluck?" The good news: she answered well, and was hired. (Truth be told, she answered the other questions well too.)

This is the dish that I brought along to our holiday potluck on this day. I could pretend I slaved over it both early and late, but that wasn't the case. I made it the night before, it came out of a box, and it was easy as pie. Easier, in fact.

All I had to do was open the box, dump the mix in a bowl, add an egg, some water, and some vegetable oil, and bake it in a pan. Then I heated up the packet of fudge sauce by putting it in a bowl of hot water for five minutes and used it to ice those suckers. They smelled insanely good while baking. The whole house was infused with the scent of chocolate.

On the day when they would be eaten, just before the event, I cut the brownies up into tiny bite-sized bits, into which I placed plastic toothpicks, which made the fact that they were awfully sticky-messy less relevant. Finger food!

As is often the case after such events, I went home with about half of my brownie bites left. I lamented this fact until I finally tasted one. Oh my, were they GOOD! Bet you can't eat just one! *pops several more into mouth, wipes chocolate sauce from fingers*

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmMMMM.   :-)

The soundtrack: The Cranberries, with Chocolate Brown.

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