Sunny day

It's a bright sunny morning here today, although the wind has quite an edge to it. The reason I know this is because I've been out in it.

I promised there wouldn't a running commentary on the hard yards of the rehabilitation, but I cannot let my first attempt to take a walk pass without comment. Accompanied by Mr A and my two sticks, I took the lift down to Anderson Place, walked down to the bridge, and walked along the Water of Leith walkway to the first bridge over the river where I took this picture. That felt like quite an achievement, and prepared me for an outing on Tuesday when I'm planning to take the bus.

Beforehand, we had H and S here. I saw H at an evening event a few weeks ago, and I reminded her of the fact that she (on her own - S was then not retired, and spent every hour of the day working) was one of the first people to come and see me in hospital nearly 29 years ago, when when I had L. I remember well the lovely red and white striped jumper she brought him. Anyway, they came round on spec on Tuesday, but unfortunately couldn't make it past the defective entryphone. I think H has my mobile phone number somewhere, but she couldn't find it on her phone. Anyway, they made it back today and even made it past the entryphone which has now been fixed (it appears that like much electrical equipment all it needed was restarting). It was lovely to spend some time with them.

A quiet afternoon beckons, probably watching a bit of rugby. Before that, I reckon I've got the appetite for a bowl of soup. My appetite is still not what it should be, but it would appear that the drugs I'm taking are appetite suppressants. I'm sure that eating less is no bad thing, but it bugs me not to enjoy what I'm eating.

First mini walk - to the bridge along the Water of Leith and back. Two sticks and slow, but discernible progress.

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