Another lovely day of wandering around Copenhagen, with an epic 23k steps. Shame that was the end of the fitbit week, and so I cannot bank all of those against an anticipated shortfall for the coming days ;-)

It was good to wander, although biting cold, and I actually bought myself a new thermal vest because I'd forgotten to take one with me. In the evening, it took me hours to get properly warm. I generally run quite warm, but once I get cold I can find it hard to get warm again. We all more or less stuck together, in the sense that J, B and I went for breakfast again, then wandered towards the city, meeting with norfolkdoc and W, before wandering together towards the Kastellet and the little mermaid, where the blip was taken. After that, we split up again, and J, B and I wandered further along the harbourfront (where it was truly freezing) before stopping for a gluhwein. Eventually, we split up and I headed to the hotel, ostensibly to do some work, but I was so cold and the hotel room was so small and uncomfortable that I just lay on the bed until it was time to go out again for dinner, to meet the workshop crew. I just ran out of steam to blip...

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