People in glass houses

Norfolkdoc mentioned visiting the glass houses in the Botanical Gardens yesterday. Since they were right opposite the workshop venue, I popped into the Botanical Gardens when I went out for a lunchtime wander (in the vain attempt to get a decent number of steps) and managed to get a photo of them from outside. On a rather lean day, photography wise, they represented the best option for a blip.

Another collective dinner, in a place with better food than last night, but very noisy and rather airless. After a day in an airless conference room, I was done in by the time the main course had been served, so I skipped dessert, as I had done yesterday and headed back to the hotel. It wasn't however, that I had any enthusiasm to be in my cell-like hotel room, it was just that I was plain exhausted (and this is my fourth night away from home). The last straw in that pesky room was that when I attempted to bring the blind down it fell off the window. Luckily when I phoned to tell reception they immediately upgraded me to the next size of room, which does provide me with somewhere to sit and do my blips (including yesterday). But I lack the energy to process any of the other photos I've taken, so that will have to wait, possibly for a few days.

Although it's still early the bed looks inviting so that's where I'm headed next.

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