Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Atrium #2

Visited my former employer this morning to hand in my passport! That's right. After being made redundant and finishing with them in March last year, they very kindly kept my visa going for me as I experienced a very tumultuous year. Originally it was only to be till the end of June 2011 but things happened, and I started doing part-time temp work (hostessing) and that continued till July this year.

The work visa naturally expired a few days ago and I now have to officially come off their sponsorship and organise other means to stay on in Dubai.

This is the atrium of the building that the office is in. Since 2002 (when they moved in) I have always stopped to take in this view whenever I came upon it. Thought I'd blip it for posterity! My ex-company are re-locating to a new building in the next few weeks so this could well be the last time I get to enjoy it. There is a cafe at the far end as well as glass lifts that brought people up to our offices. The giant chess feature is a new addition. It wasn't there when I worked in the building.

I had the chance to catch up with some of my ex-colleagues whilst there and to thank two very important people who have helped give me some stability over the last 18 months or so. A very happy visit. Quiet the rest of the afternoon.

Now chatting with my sister via What's App and she has reminded me that today would have been our Mums 73rd birthday! There you go.

Want to hook up a speaker here so I can readily have some music. My amp needs to be repaired (again) so it has been rather quiet in the flat! Gs loved it though!!! :)

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