One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

You've got mail. Again

They don't get much mail. 
No one does these days, in the age of the instant electron. 
So they get excited when they get mail.

They get particularly excited when the mail is from the rotund rubicund bearded one. 

Letters from Santa 2016, reproduced here with the permission of the recipients:

Dear Finn,
Would you believe it? It’s this time of the year again. I don’t know about you, but I do love Christmas! Each year I look forward to your letter. Your drawing once again is an absolute stunner. I recognised your house straight away! And I loved all the lovely colours and the sparkle.
I see that you would like a Stephen Gerrard jersey. Great choice, what an amazing player he is. I am quite sure that he has retired now, so finding a jersey with his name might be a little bit difficult… but leave it with Santa, who knows, I might be able to work some magic.
There may also be a little surprise to go with it, if you remain as good as you have been so far this year.
All the very best,
PS: enjoy your birthday bike, you are a big 8 year old now.

PPS: see, Santa knows everything  ;-)

Dear Mimi,
How are you doing? Well, you have done it again. Each year I say to myself that no handwriting could be neater than this, and each year you manage to surpass yourself. On top of it all, you have added a most wonderful signature! How grown up is that? I wonder if your teacher is as impressed as I am.
As for your present this year, leave it with me. I too love surprises.
I hope that I’ll manage to surprise you, in the good sense. 
All the very best,
Good list-scrutiniser)
PS: I really liked your kenning!

Dear Luca,
How good to hear from you again Luca!
I was quite saddened last year when you didn’t bother sending me a letter. I was in two minds about giving you a present but I decided to give you a second chance. I love your drawing, it is funny and very well executed. You have a real talent for art.
I am a little bit old-fashioned, so I am a little bit hesitant about video games, especially those of people shooting each other. Christmas is about peace and loving each other.
Still, I must say that you have been very good this year, it wasn’t easy to switch school and you have made a great effort. I also see you spending a lot of time on your homework. Well done! I may decide to make an exception on violent games.
All the very best,
PS: I can hear those swear words when you play on your Xbox One.

I am not impressed… 

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