"I got here early and was the only guy fishing.  Now look at all those folks up on the pier.  They cast out a hundred feet and I'm afraid they will tangle up my line. Not sure why they have to do that.  Maybe they are sending me a message.  Look at that loon, the size of the fish he is catching.  Unbelievable!  They come a long ways from up north for the winter.  I've lived here all my life and believe me things have changed a lot.  I kind of liked it before all these people moved here."

I told him that no one was around yesterday except for 4 college girls enjoying the end of exams (see yesterday's blip}.  He said his son goes to Chapel Hill and is still in the middle of exams"

Jimmy's a nice guy.  So far he has caught 3 small fish.  His wife puts some lemon and butter on them and cooks them in the microwave.

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