Lotherton Blipmeet

Today I went to a mini blipmeet with lovelupins, Kit267 and Sushi267 at the Christmas Experience, Lotherton Hall near Leeds. Regular readers of my journal will know it is something not undertaken lightly for me (bah humbug)

After the obligatory drink and cake we wandered around the 'Twelve days Of Christmas' themed woodland walk, a Fairy Dell (where I found some red and white toadstools which have eluded me in the wild this year) then the main house which was decorated in an Edwardian theme.

After that Lupes and Sushi made Christmas wreath decorations in the courtyard, ably assisted by the other two blippers!

A fun time - and it was certainly getting busy as we left, with people coming for the lights in the dark

Other shots from the day are here if you are interested / have the time.

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