By D77

The Grand Mosque at Night

After I posted this, a fellow blipper left a comment requesting to see a bit more of the building, so I dutifully went back to grab this shot!

Like I said before, it's really hard to get a picture of the sheer scale of the mosque and this is the only angle I could find that enabled me to get out my car and set up the tripod without getting myself killed (by traffic, not angry Muslims).

It's exactly 3 years to the day since I met Larissa (at a carol singing party believe it or not!) during my first visit to Oman when I came to spend christmas with my big sister and her family. Eight months of long-distance romancing later (of which only seventeen days were actually spent together in the same place), I left my job and city to come out here and live with her!

Happy anniversary to us!

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