By D77

Mum and Sandy

This is my Mum and her hubby Sandy. They're out here to spend christmas with us along with one of my sisters (I have five of them!), brother-in-law and niece all of whom flew in from Edinburgh last night.

We had a brilliant meal last night at the hotel they're staying at (luckily not closed because of this) where the food was superb and the wine was flowing very nicely.

They are great together and their banter with each other is really funny. When I whipped my phone out to get a picture of them, they immediately struck this pose which conveys the slightly cheeky nature they have with each other (choice quote from Sandy this evening - "When I met your mother, she had an abdomen like a washing board. She's let herself slide a bit!").

Their stories are great too, my favourite of which involved their 10 year wedding anniversary a couple of months ago. They organised a massive bash in a stately home (people were arriving in helicopters apparently!) at which Sandy got drunk and fell asleep in the midst of the celebration. He had to be lifted to his room to sleep it off leaving my Mum wandering around on her own.

'Overcome with mortification' was the phrase my Mum used which had me giggling for ages.

In case you're wondering what the comments below are going on about, my original blip was an SP, lit by my telly, and with a torch illuminating my nose...don't ask!

For those that have been asking, this entry is back...

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