A moment of beauty at the pond

Dear Diary,

It is our coldest morning so far this winter, -3F on the back porch, and a storm is coming tonight, 5 -6 inches they are saying right now.  Emerson and I are ready for whatever Mother Nature brings us.  I went to the pond late in the day yesterday and the sight was just beautiful.  The sunset was tinting sky and water a lovely shade of pink and the ice forming was swirling patterns across the pond.  It will be very different there tomorrow.

I suspect that the pond will retreat under its winter covering of ice now and these sights will be gone.  There is just a few days when the pond is like this, on the threshold of becoming a whole new reality.  I wanted to remember this moment.  The photograph simply doesn't do the experience justice, the pink ice was just stunning.

These threshold moments are so easy to miss as we rush about in our own hectic worlds.  We would be wise to slow down from time to time and become aware of these transitions, when we have one foot in yesterday and one in tomorrow.

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