Postcards from the Edge

To friends, both old and new, who are stopping by to say hi on my five-year anniversary Blip-day: nice to see you, and thanks for coming by!  :-)

I was on campus earlier this week and I did two really fun things: I visited the little gift shop at the Palmer Museum on campus, and I stopped by the Ten Thousand Villages table at the HUB. And so it was that I acquired some new creatures to populate our whimsical adventures!

It is my custom on occasion to create little adventures for my creatures, and so here, to celebrate my Blip-milestone, is a Crittergator photo shoot, featuring the Crittergators (of course) and some of their new friends.

This was the very first photo shoot for my new camera, the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS, and I officially put it into action on this day. To celebrate, the Crittergators and I traveled all around the world on a grand adventure.

First, we visited Machu Picchu, Peru, as you can see in the photo above. Then we traveled to the Great Wall of China; the Taj Mahal in India; and Tanzania, in Africa.

You may see one of our additional adventures in the extras, as the Tiny Tiger participated in a celebratory dance with many colorful hippos at the Taj Mahal. What fun we had!

It's been five years of continuous, not-a-single-day-missed Blipping for me. I had just purchased a new camera in December 2011, when I started Blip at the urging of a friend in Ireland.

Now it seems like it was something that was always meant to be: the quest to find and photograph something beautiful each and every day.

I have enjoyed it so much and I have learned a lot from my fellow Blippers. It's had its challenges and its joys. What a wonderful thing it's been to see (and travel) the world via Blipfoto!

Now, let's carry on Blipping, shall we?  :-)

Here's a song that I love and so I'll let this be my soundtrack for this day: Arnel Pineda and the Zoo band, with a cover of the classic Survivor tune, Ever Since the World Began.

I'll never know what brought me here
As if somebody led my hand
It seems I hardly had to steer
My course was planned

And destiny it guides us all
And by its hand we rise and fall
But only for a moment
Time enough to catch our breath again

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